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Empowerment through Self-Defense on Campus

Anika Raisa Chowdhury, Student Life Editor

The event flyer. Photo// Society of Women Engineers Instagram

On January 22nd, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn organized a remarkable self-defense workshop at the Wellness Center. The event aimed to instill not only physical techniques, but also an invaluable sense of strength and confidence.

Self-defense class in session. Photo//Zoie Mink

Heading this empowering session was an expert from the Division of Security and Public Safety (DSPS), an individual well-versed in the art of self-defense. With a track record of conducting successful workshops at the Ann Arbor campus and Eastern Michigan University, our coordinator brought a wealth of knowledge to the eager participants at UM-Dearborn.

The participants delved into the basics, mastering fundamental skills such as balance and swift defensive moves. However, the session was not limited to physical techniques; it extended to addressing the subtler challenges women often face.

The instructor orchestrated a symphony of empowerment, blending practical tactics with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of wisdom. She seamlessly blended practical self-defense tactics with invaluable advice on handling uncomfortable stares and moments. 

The aim was not just to equip participants with physical prowess, but to foster a holistic sense of empowerment. It's about being prepared for any situation, from a physical altercation to subtle moments that demand a confident response, and navigating life with resilience.

Embarking on the journey of self-defense isn't just about mastering physical techniques; it's a transformative experience that sharpens your instincts, enabling you to traverse through life's complexities with finesse. From recognizing potential challenges to acquiring a toolkit of both physical and verbal strategies, this empowering endeavor goes beyond the superficial. 

Some of the participants at the session with the instructor. Photo//Society of Women Engineers

The workshop was about fostering a community of empowered individuals who can live life with confidence. As the echoes of laughter and shared experiences filled the Wellness Center, it was evident that the event had succeeded in creating not just self-defense enthusiasts, but a network of empowered women ready to face the world head-on.

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