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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Review

Lauren Sellman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Dior, Spring 2024. Photo//Christophe Petit Tesson, New York Times

Paris Fashion Week is taking the world by storm, hosting over a hundred shows featuring some of the biggest fashion names from around the world such as Yves Saint Laurent, Maison Valentino, Hermés, Alexander McQueen, and Christain Dior.

Designers are presented with a strict set of criteria, requiring a minimum of 35 looks per year, incorporating both day and evening wear styles. Paris Fashion Week occurs biannually, once for spring and summer of the following year and once for autumn and winter collections.

The events are divided into three categories: menswear, haute couture, and ready-to-wear.

During Fashion Week, shows take place at various high-end venues throughout the city. Designers are known to take over the Grand Palais, the Louvre Museum, and the Jardin des Tuileries in previous years.

Saint Laurent, Spring 2024. Photo//Julien De Rosa / AFP

A glamorous yet surprisingly simple display from Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent this season, setting the enormous marble stage, with the Eiffel Tower illuminated in the background. This collection aims to return to the roots of classic fashion, taking away ornate detail and opting for a subtly elegant look.

Saint Laurent features dark and burnt earthy tones, with range from sheer fabrics to leather coats, and is always paired with smokey dramatic makeup, a bold red lip, sunglasses, or oversized earrings. This collection ranges from cocktail dresses and formal wear to suits and jumpsuits.

Despite the intention of simplicity, the show radiates intimidation with these sleek and classic looks.

Valentino, Spring 2024. Photo//Jacopo Raule, Harper’s BAZAAR

Becoming a top favorite among celebrities in recent years, Valentino displays an elegant collection with a twist. This season features crisp, oversized suits with white collars, paired with large earrings and heavy boots. The array of timeless romantic lace paired with revealing cutouts demonstrates Valentino’s personal take on black tie formal wear.

Hermès, Spring 2024. Photo//Stephanie Lacocq, Reuters

A monochrome stage is set with wildflowers and tall brush complimenting the taupe and crimson tones of the clothing. Despite being the Spring and Summer collection, the show incorporates various versions of wool and leather garments that open doors for colder weather adaptations.

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2024. Photo//The Impression/ Courtesy of ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

One of the more ostentatious collections, McQueen supports a tribute to women everywhere, with intricate designs of feathers, fringe, silk, and organic shapes that give the garments almost a dystopian look.

A show-stopping technique seen various times throughout the show highlights a sculpted and chic corset-like shape that flows into a skirt held together with layers of shining gold or silver fringe representing almost a suit of armor.

With dresses alluding to female anatomy and the brand's iconic reoccurring red rose making appearances, this collection is an inspiring display of feminine strength.

Dior, Spring 2024. Photo// Vianney Le Caer, AP News

Dior did not hold back this year, featuring an enormous LED screen behind the stage. Anticipation is high as the models begin their walk. The show is used to make a statement with thought-provoking text reading: “Your body is poetic your body is political” along with a meme of a woman surrounded by bags with the text, “Keep her calm, buy a new one."

This campaign is mocking modern-day sexism, stating, “I am not only a mother, wife, daughter, I am a woman."

This year's collection contrasts the fushia and yellow backdrop and stage with a romantic-gothic approach to designs. Long black skirts, oversized blazers and coats layered with a sharp white collar underneath, and sheer almost ancient-looking ruffles and frills with asymmetric sleeves set these garments apart from others.

This collection will be a statement to remember and will likely have some of these iconic pieces making their way into many women's workplace wardrobes.

No matter what your style is, Paris Fashion Week is sure to amaze and entertain. Watch the full show for yourself and be inspired by the unique new contributions of these iconic designers.

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