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About Us

The Lyceum, as an educational institution, functioned as the locus of the collective talent, ingenuity, and intellect of Ancient Greece.

Since 1971, Lyceum at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has echoed this ideal tradition by serving as the showcase for the creative talents of writers and artists within the university community.  The journal features poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, drama, photography and artwork submitted by students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Submissions, which retain their anonymity during the rating process, are critiqued individually by the staff and editors. Along with the publication of the journal, Lyceum exhibits local  flavors of art and poetry with various on and off-campus events and shows.

      Meetings (which double as creative workshops) are held on a bi-weekly basis in the Lyceum office, 2123B UC.

To join our community of creators, send an email to expressing your interest or add us on VictorsLink

To submit to the Winter 2024 Edition of Lyceum, please click the button below:

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