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A Game for All Gamers

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Kalaia Jackson, Opinions Editor

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League of Legends is a PC-only game that has been around for 14 years and is still adding new content. I have personally been playing the game on and off for four years, but in recent months I’ve been playing it every chance I get.

It is a multiplayer, online battle arena that is mainly focused on its 5 vs. 5 game modes: Blind Pick and Draft Pick. Blind Pick allows all players to simultaneously choose their champions, regardless of lane choice, but usually, players indicate which lane they would like to play. Draft Pick has each player select their preferred lanes before queuing up for a game.

Once you join a lobby, each team goes back and forth between picking their champions. There are more game modes like ARAM, which is a 5 vs. 5 straight lane map, as well as ranked games, but for beginner players, the two I just explained are the most played.

To explain some terms that I have already said, champions are the characters that players are able to pick. There are beginner champions like Garen and Miss Fortune, but many others have to be bought using in-game currency. Currently, there are over 160 champions, but there are sure to be more!

The uniqueness of each League of Legends champion makes the game more inclusive. There are a variety of abilities and attack ranges that make it easy for any person to find their favorite champion and attack style.

When I first played the game, I knew absolutely nothing about the purpose of each lane. There are five to choose from: top lane, middle lane, attack damage carry (ADC, otherwise known as “bottom lane”), jungler and support.

Since each lane is important to the overall flow of the game, you have to try them all to determine which is your favorite. Personally, I love playing Mordekaiser in the top lane and Jhin in the bottom lane.

There is a learning curve, but once you understand the basics of a few champions and what you are expected to do while in your assigned lane, the game becomes more of a joy to play each and every time.

In the last three months, I started to take the game more seriously and began to see an improvement in my performance.

It definitely takes time to develop the skill and strategy needed to excel at the game, so do not begin the game thinking you’re going to immediately be the best. It also does not hurt to have a great group of friends to play with.

I wholeheartedly endorse this game, and should you choose to give it a go, feel free to add my username: kmjsway2.

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