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ACDC Hosts Sensational A Cappella Evening

Regan Maharjan, Staff Writer

Leah Williams, John Baron, Quen Williams, Yara El-Haj, and Kaitlynn McKenna Performing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Photo//Regan Maharjan

The A Cappella Dearborn Club (ACDC) organized an a cappella event on Tuesday, February 20 in Fairlane Center North Quad E. The evening was dedicated to showcasing and celebrating vocal talent, and they did this by offering a stage for those passionate about singing.

The night's lineup included a variety of songs, beginning with Bruno Mars' "Treasure," featuring Leah Williams as the soloist and John Baron providing vocal percussion. This performance set the stage for a series of pieces that displayed the group's musical range and teamwork, involving Quen Williams, Yara El-Haj, and Kaitlynn McKenna.

The versatility of ACDC was on display with "Killshot" by Magdalena Bay, where Yara El-Haj took the lead as the soloist. Followed by an emotionally stirring original song, "Why’d You Have to Go" by Jeric Asencio showed the group's capability to handle a range of musical genres and moods. Yara El-Haj's solo in Billie Eilish's "I Love You" added a deeply emotional element to the evening's performances.

Performers at the event. Photo//Regan Maharjan

In addition to the planned performances, the event featured karaoke sessions by members, injecting an element of spontaneity and personal expression into the evening. These moments offered a glimpse into the informal and fun side of ACDC, complementing the more structured aspects of the night.

Karaoke Session by the Members. Photo//Regan Maharjan

ACDC also previewed upcoming events, including their participation in the "The Essence of Asia" cultural show and the planned ACDC Mini-Concert in early April. These future activities are expected to highlight the club's efforts over the year and continue its mission to promote vocal music.

The a cappella night was an opportunity for ACDC to share their passion for singing with the university community. ACDC's initiative serves as a platform for those interested in exploring vocal performance in a collegiate setting. 

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