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Adapting to Michigan Falls: The Art of Layering

Nasma Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Man wearing layers. Photo//Rawpixel

Take a walk around campus. Within a few minutes, you’ll encounter someone sporting a pair of shorts and a tank top, unbothered by the crisp breeze, while another, bundled in a winter coat and gloves, rushes past.

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes, and this adaptation lies on the question: When is the right time to put on a coat? It seems like a straightforward decision, but not with Michigan’s ever-changing weather and different tolerance levels.

During this transitional season, we’re met with beautiful fall foliage and unpredictable not-so-beautiful weather. Some days, Fall brings crisp mornings that demand the warmth of a cozy jacket. On other days, Fall brings a blazing sun or maybe even freezing temperatures.

In a single day alone, you could be met with different climates - a morning chill that warrants a snug coat to an unexpected afternoon warmth more suited for shorts. Even after the first snow, Michigan, true to its bipolar nature, throws curveballs. In mid-October, the first snowfall came, yet the following days had weather more fit for summer.

Deciding when to put on a coat in fall becomes a daily weather-watching ritual. Michigan’s constantly changing weather demands a solution that can handle the 40° mornings just as well as the 70° afternoons.

Layering blends practicality with style, providing comfort along with an easy way to adapt to changing weather without the hassle of freezing in a t-shirt, sweating through a sweater, or lugging around a heavy winter coat.

Before stepping out of the house next time, consider pairing a basic tee with a flannel shirt and a light jacket. This combination allows you to adapt to the crisp mornings and potential temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Another option is a cozy sweater with a classic denim jacket, providing both warmth and a timeless aesthetic. A hoodie paired with a vest provides a sporty yet functional vibe, while a turtleneck with a stylish leather jacket adds warmth and an edgy touch.

These layering ideas offer both comfort and adaptability throughout the day.

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