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An Unusual, Unexplainable Experience

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Kathy Bibang, Opinions Editor

Photo//Tiny Rituals

While growing up, there are many emotions and situations that we cannot understand because no one ever told us about them or explained their meaning. So, those mixed, strange feelings tend to be normalized from a child’s perspective even though they do not know exactly what they are.

Why is that? I once witnessed something that until this day, I do not know how to explain it.

Me and my little siblings were watching TV in our parents’ bedroom like they always do. Watching TV is such a normal activity that most people do at home. Although there is nothing extraordinary about it, it makes us feel like we need to be focused on it.

Nonetheless, we always loved watching TV in my parents’ bedroom; it just felt different. I will always watch my favorite TV-shows there. Surprisingly, my siblings and I never argued about what to watch. As the oldest, I would try to use my seniority of “being born before them” to make them watch what I wanted, but it never worked. Not until my parents bought a TV and put it in their bedroom. Since then, we rarely argued about it.

One day, specifically, I will never forget. I was left alone to babysit my little siblings because our parents went to a party, and my older brothers were only God knows where. Again, nothing weird about babysitting. I have babysat them many times, so doing it was nothing new to me.

As our parents left at 6-7 PM, I locked all the doors and joined my siblings. Yes, they were in my parents’ bedroom… watching animated TV-shows. I ignored them and started doing my homework on the floor. I always thought that I was smarter when I studied there. There was something different about that room than the rest of the house did not have, but I could not tell what it was.

At first, I convinced myself that I love that bedroom because of the decoration. Then I realized that it has nothing to do with it. The bedroom was just cozy and smelled like my mom, so being there made me happy. I felt at peace whenever I was there, but the peaceful feeling was not just that since my siblings were always with me and were probably talking loudly about anything.

Therefore, there was no silence whatsoever. So why did I feel calmed and relaxed? I should have been terrified. What if someone knocked on the door or we heard a suspicious noise outside? I was a kid too, but I was not afraid of anything.

I went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for all of us. I could still hear them talking and laughing, so I decided to take my time. Without realizing it, I could not hear them anymore. It was almost 10 minutes that I did not hear a noise coming from them.

With a plate of sandwiches and cups filled with orange juice, I went to the dining room and left everything on our dining table. With my heart on my hand, I almost ran towards my parents’ bedroom in case my siblings fell asleep or something else happened.

As I got in, my sister and baby brother were talking to each other. My brother was two years-old, and my sister was five. Of course they understood each other. They spent so much time together that we used her as his translator when we could not understand him.

Both of them were looking at each other, “talking.” Then when they saw me, my sister stood up so fast, grabbed my arm, and made me go where they were sitting in front of the TV and said to me that an angel was there, and it kissed my baby brother’s forehead. She used the word “angel.”

It took me a while…okay, more than that, to fully understand her. She ran towards our brother and showed me how the angel kissed his forehead. She kept saying stuff, but I was not following. My baby brother could not talk-talk, so asking him anything would have been useless. We ate our sandwiches and waited for our parents, but I could not stop thinking about what she said.

Since that day, I have been wondering what happened. What did my siblings see that I could not? Who did they talk to that kissed my baby brother? Was she right and indeed an angel was present? Was it something else? I personally do not think it was anything bad, but since it was such a weird situation, I do not know what to say or how to feel about it.

I do not believe in ghosts, but what if that was one, and they saw it? I have heard many times that kids can see things that adults cannot, but I too was a kid. Why did I not see?

However, whatever my siblings saw could have been anything. Many times I wondered if maybe that was the reason why I feel so much better when I am in my parents' bedroom. Does that have something to do with it? I have never told my parents about it since I do not know if they will understand. Many years have passed, and from time to time, that memory comes back.

Was it really an angel? That question was never answered. I doubt it will ever be.

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