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As Water Boil Advisory is Extended, Over 100k Metro Detroit Residents Without Clean Water

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Brian Gornick - Staff Writer - News


The boil water advisory that has affected many Northern residents of Metro Detroit has been extended another week earlier, leaving many of those residents without water for over 3 weeks.

While originally there were 23 communities under the boil water advisory, that number has now been dwindled down to include only a handful of communities. Those affected communities include:

  • Almont

  • Bruce Township

  • Burtchville Township

  • Imlay City

  • Rochester

  • Shelby Township

  • Washington Township

Much of the delay is attributed to the damage being much more widespread than previously thought by the Great Lakes Water Authority. The pipes are then flushed with chlorine and other chemicals, and then tested twice for bacteria, each taking 24 hours each.

Residents still under the boil water advisory are expected not to drink the water unless boiled, and both Macomb and Washtenaw counties are distributing water to affected communities.

Photo: Great Lakes Water Authority, via ClickOnDetroit.

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