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Book Review: “The Love Hypothesis"

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Kalaia Jackson, Staff Writer

Photo//Jada Jones

Hello fellow STEM majors and book lovers! With the winter semester halfway over, why not pick up a book to occupy yourself on the weekends or in your free time? If you are a fan of romance, fake relationship tropes, and a very rewarding slow burn, then, The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is just for you!

Olive Smith is a third-year Ph.D. student at Stanford University and avoids romance at all costs. She feels like everyone she loves leaves her. Olive, therefore, steers clear of relationships.

She has two best friends: Ahn Pham and Malcolm, who also attend Stanford and are Olive’s main support system.

Currently, the main dilemma Olive faces is convincing her friend Ahn that she no longer likes a guy named Jeremy. Even though Olive dated Jeremy briefly, she was never in love with him. With that being said, she wants Ahn to see what happens with Jeremy since they seem to have a connection. But how will she ever persuade her? I guess she has some planning to do…she even may need some help convincing her friend.

This is where Dr. Adam Carlsen, the most feared faculty member on campus, comes into play. While he is one of the most famous doctors in the science department, he is more known for his reputation among students. He has been known to set students so far back in their research that they graduate later than expected, or simply drop out of the program altogether. He is arrogant and unapproachable, which makes it hard for Ahn to believe Olive is dating him.

One night, Olive told Ahn she was going on a date, when in reality, she really was going to the lab to check on her project. As luck would have it, Ahn was also heading to the lab. In a panicked rush, Olive grabbed the closest person to her and kissed them. Who would have imagined the person would be Adam…as in THE Dr. Adam Carlsen!

Over the course of the semester, Adam (as he became known) and Olive agree to be in a fake relationship until they both get what they desire. Olive is hoping her fake relationship will convince Ahn to get to know Jeremy better. While Adam feels the fake relationship will help solidify his intentions of remaining at Stanford so that he can be granted the research funds for the following semester.

Are Olive and Adam able to fool everyone, including themselves, that this relationship is only to benefit their personal interests? Or, are they actually falling in love?

You can purchase and read the story here to find out more!

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