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“Bottoms” Movie Review

Molly Kober, Staff Writer

“Bottoms” movie promotional poster. Photo//Rotten Tomatoes

On Aug 25, 2023, “Bottoms” was released in select theaters nationwide.

Hollywood newcomer Rachel Sennott is the co-writer and star of this charming comedy about two queer outcasts on a quest to lose their virginity.

The main characters are two best friends, PJ, played by Sennott, and Josie, played by Ayo Edebri, who start a women's fight club to prepare for the upcoming football game against their high school's rivals. The long-standing tradition of violence before game day is a front for their secret plans to get close to their crushes, the most popular girls in school.

The main antagonist Jeff, played by “Red, White & Royal Blue” star Nicholas Galitzine, is the ultimate dumb jock and provides comedic relief. His best friend Tim, played by Miles Fowler, detests “losers” and does everything he can to keep them on the top.

This awkward comedy mocks high school melodrama with Gen-Z humor. It is packed

with larger-than-life characters who seamlessly drive the plot. No trope or stereotype is safe, as this film pokes fun at all of it.

“Bottoms” contains obvious inspiration from the beloved genre of 90s chick flicks we’ve all been missing. It humorously and effectively references current events and the sometimes dark state of the world.

The satirical approach to the typical high school experience creates an effortless blend of humor while touching on deeper issues of hypermasculinity, homophobia and violence against women.

The boundaryless and sometimes graphic storyline, full of heart and teenage naivete, draws viewers in and makes it impossible to look away. Brilliantly funny and bold, “Bottoms” is a reflection of the American teen experience that will have you cry-laughing and reminiscing on your high school days.

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