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Bruce the Goose: Feathery Friend or Futile Fowl?

Kalaia Jackson, Opinions Editor

Kalaia and Bruce posing for a photo. Photo//Kalaia Jackson

If you haven’t already gotten a gander at the goose, be on the lookout for the six-foot-tall waterfowl at the next campus event.

Bruce the Goose is UM-Dearborn’s new campus buddy – the campus’ biggest supporter, showing off his school spirit everywhere he goes.

He was officially introduced this academic year and has made quite a splash around campus. He can be seen at sporting events rocking a team jersey or strolling around wearing his favorite maize and blue scarf.

Some may wonder why Bruce was brought on campus, or if he was even necessary – but if you ask me, Bruce adds another level of school pride.

Whenever I am in his presence, whether it is at a staff function or a sporting event, he always brings a smile to my face and others. Bruce can brighten up your day with a simple wave. He makes the student section livelier and so much fun!

Plus, he has some killer moves and may be willing to challenge you to a dance battle.

I think Bruce was an amazing addition to UM-Dearborn because he exudes positivity, is entertaining, and is always a joy to be around.

If you ever see him around, don’t be afraid to ask for a picture with him. He is quite friendly and loves the attention.

Go Bruce! Go Dearborn!

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