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Campus Study Spots: Which is the Best?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Nasma Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Photo//Kalaia Jackson

Finals week - the impending era of caffeine-fueled nights and studying marathons, is extremely near. Finding an environment conducive to your studying is important. Here, I will be ranking a few campus study spots.

5. Social Science Building

Boring. It’s got booth-like setups made for collaborating. But, let's be real, studying here can be a bit of a snoozefest.

4. Mardigian Library

The library is always the safe bet, you know? Four floors, from “let’s chat and collaborate” on the second to “silence, please” on the fourth, the library is perfect for finding the vibe you’re looking for. Plus, the Muglife cafe on the first floor is a lifesaver for long days and nights in the library. But, let’s face it, the library can get about as exciting as watching paint dry. And those wooden furniture are so last century. 

3. CASL Lobby

Have you seen the CASL lobby? Ceilings that stretch high, clear windows with a nice view of the outside - It’s almost too perfect. But here’s the catch: it can get really loud, especially when classes are starting or ending. Good luck finding a seat during busy times. For a quieter environment, maybe try some of the seating areas on the upper floors that always seem to be empty. 

2. Natural Science Building 

With NSB, you can almost never go wrong. It’s chill, quiet, and you’ve got whiteboards, and tall chairs or booth seating. Going down to the calming yellow basement, there is no phone service, perfect for those easily distracted. The first and second floors are visually appealing, and low traffic. With a lot of lab classes having wrapped up, NSB will definitely be quieter and less crowded in this last bit of the semester. 

1. Engineering Lab Building

This study spot takes the cake, no question. Take the stairs, hit the elevators, go straight to the second or third floor. In the end, you get a great study spot with a breathtaking view of campus. Whiteboards cover the walls, perfect for studying for math or chemistry. Whether you’re working on your laptop, or just sitting there and staring outside, ELB is oddly therapeutic.

Pick your study spot wisely. Whether you’re looking for a collaborative space, a calming aesthetic, or just need a quiet nook with a view, make these final stretches count! 

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1 Comment

The University Centre and Commons is a good study space too!

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