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Detroit Police Seek Public’s Help In Locating Missing Retired Officer

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Brian Gornick - Staff Writer - News


Detroit Police are reaching out to the public for any information regarding the whereabouts of retired Detroit police officer Stefon Hodo, who has been missing since last week.

Stefon’s vehicle and guns were stolen by a suspect in a shooting that occured on Ferguson Street in Detroit last week, during which the suspect fired multiple rounds into a home before fleeing. Since the incident, the suspect has been taken into custody. However, Stefon has not been heard from or seen since the suspect was arrested.

Stefon Hodo served as a police officer from 2005 to 2013, before leaving without any disciplinary action.

“Very sad story. We are still looking for him and hoping that he’s OK,” said Detroit Police Chief James White in a statement released by the Detroit Police Department.

In a statement released Tuesday, Detroit Police also alluded to the suspect and Stefon Hodo being neighbors, and are under the assumption they possibly had an argument before the shooting occurred.

“It’s our understanding and belief this person may have had some interaction with the missing officer, and his life could be in danger,” Detroit Police Chief White said.

Detroit Police don’t know what caused an argument between Stefon and the suspect, and urge anyone with information to call the Detroit Police Department at 313-267-4600.

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