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‘Good Riddance' Album Review

Molly Kober, Staff Writer

Gracie Abrams. Photo//Danielle Neu

On February 24, up and coming singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams released her debut album, Good Riddance. Co-produced and co-written by The National’s Aaron Dessner, this deeply personal body of work creates a whole new definition of honest songwriting.

Three promotional singles have been released for this album. The first single, “Difficult” discusses the pains of growing up and being faced with adult decisions. The desperate sound in her voice combined with the upbeat and repetitive chorus mirrors the whirlwind that is young adulthood.

The second, “Where Do We Go Now?” is written about a regretful but necessary goodbye. It has a conflicting, chaotic sound much like the feeling of unrequited love. The most recent single, “Amelie” is a slow, beautifully simple song with light production. It discusses a haunting encounter with a stranger that leaves you reeling long after.

Track one, “Best” is an honest reflection on a past relationship, acknowledging the pain you caused. The jaw-dropping bridge does not hold back while the chorus is somewhat unsatisfying in its simplicity.

“I Know It Won’t Work” is a daydream track going back and forth between what could be and what will be. This concept is both clever and entirely relatable. The ending of the song encapsulates the recurring idea.

Her track, “Full Machine," sums up the album perfectly with its simple production and hopeless lyrics about the battle between what we want and what is right for us. This song is ripped straight from her diary.

Track 11, “The Blue,” is a refreshingly optimistic tune on this otherwise dark record about unexpectedly finding something real and the anxiety that goes with the unknown.

Overall, this album is a refreshingly truthful and self-analytical body of work with calming melodies.

It is a safe spot to validate your worst fears and insecurities while making you feel less alone. If you are feeling like taking a walk down introspection avenue, Abrams and Dessner will be there to hold your hand.

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