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Inside the Van Gogh in America Exhibit

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Laila Abraham, Staff Writer

One of 74 paintings displayed in the Van Gogh in America exhibit. Photo//Detroit Free Press

The immersive Vincent van Gogh exhibit has been traveling all over the United States this year, including Detroit!

The event was held at the Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum in two different galleries. Both of these galleries displayed the same projections of Van Gogh’s art pieces but in two vastly different settings. Gallery 3 was projected in a large room with high ceilings. Gallery 2 was in a smaller room with mirrors to create reflections.

The projections were not only on the walls but also on the ceilings and floors so that everyone was surrounded by moving artwork.

Each show lasted 30 minutes and was played on repeat. The galleries were open, as well as songs that correlated with each projection. Patrons and visitors were welcome to walk in and out during the shows. However, watching the exhibit twice in two different rooms was a nice difference in perspective.

The exhibit is now unfortunately closed. It was still an awesome experience for people of all ages. If the exhibit were to return to Detroit, I recommend it to everyone who has the opportunity to go!

Photo//Laila Abraham

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