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Is Journaling as Beneficial as It Seems?

Kalaia Jackson, Editor-in-Chief

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I recently started journaling and believe that it is a helpful reflection tool. It can be used to write about stressful, traumatic, or joyous times in your life. However, journaling can be used in an abundance of ways.

I usually journal when my mind is full of negative thoughts, and writing these thoughts down helps me clear my mind and reflect on why I am thinking these things. I have tried journaling on my phone and with pen and paper.

I can say that I have found pros and cons to using both mediums to journal.

Mobile Device

The benefit of using your mobile device to journal is that you can get your thoughts out much quicker, especially if you are a fast typer. 

However, my entries would end up being paragraphs long, which was more of a hindrance since they were often filled with ramblings. 

The feeling of getting all of my thoughts out is nice, but when it’s filled with dramatized sentences and baseless concerns, I feel like the purpose of my journaling has lost its value.

Pen and Paper

When I switched to journaling in my notebook, the effort of sitting and writing in my notebook made the action more intentional and less impulsive.

As I put my pen to the page, I have to think of what words can convey my feelings the best. It feels more serious and permanent than typing on a keyboard, so I have to be careful of what I choose to write.

Compared to the endless length my phone offers, writing in a mini notebook forces me to reflect on my thoughts and decide if how I am thinking about it is the best way to write it. If not, then I reflect on why I am having these thoughts, and usually, I can answer why this thought is present and what I can do to solve it.

Instead of simply writing my issues down like I used to on my phone, I write solutions and methods to take when these feelings arise again.

I prefer pen and paper because I can express myself clearly and concisely. But try them out and see which one works for you!

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