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More Than a Pet

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Kalaia Jackson, Opinions Editor

Trigger warning: the subject matter in this article has to do with the loss of a pet.

Melo with the Easter Bunny. Photo//Davion Jackson

Owning a pet of any kind is something that many people have experienced. Pets create many memories and leave lasting pawprints in your heart.

I remember when my family and I first went to get our dog, Carmelo “Melo” Kobe Jackson.

His original name was Tubby due to his love for food. He was the only dog that did not “attack” me, eat my mom’s purse, or pee on her when she picked him up. Compared to his siblings, he calmly laid on her lap and relaxed.

Clearly, he was the best choice, so we took him home that day. That was back in 2008, when I was four years old and he was four months old.

From that day on, Melo was like my younger grumpy brother. He was my dad’s Starbucks buddy, my mom’s TV-watching partner, my brother’s nightly roommate, and my muse whenever I took photos – and trust me when I say that I have an entire album of him side-eyeing me.

Melo with the side eye. Photo//Kalaia Jackson

He always found ways to involve himself in whatever we were doing. It ranged from sitting under the table when the entire family had dinner, panting in my face when I did yoga in the living room, or rubbing against the Christmas tree to “help” with decorating.

For 15 years, Melo was an integral part of our family, and we were not complete without him.

Unfortunately, if you have not already noticed, I am now forced to refer to him in the past tense. On Sept. 15, 2023, my younger grumpy brother passed away.

Thankfully, my family and I were the last people he saw before he was put to sleep to take a forever nap. We comforted Melo with soothing rubs and gentle head scratches. He could feel the love all around him.

It was on that day that I realized Melo truly was more than just a pet. He was family and always will be a member of our Jackson 5.

Share a picture or special/funny moment with your pet in the comments below. I cannot wait to see all your fur-family members.

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4 comentários

Joe Alarcon
Joe Alarcon
04 de out. de 2023

great article, Kalaia! Melo was special


Amazing! Well written!!! ❤️


Awww This was beautiful, KeKe RIP Melo ❤️


I love this, Kalaia. RIP Melo <3

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