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Moses Turns Two!

Vaishali Prayag, Staff Writer

Photo// Vaishali Prayag

On November 8, the UM-Dearborn therapy dog, Moses, turned two years old!

He is a laid-back black Goldendoodle. Moses was added to the team back in February and has been used in various therapy sessions since then. As a therapy dog, most of Moses’ time on campus is spent interacting with the Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) clients in confidential, private therapy sessions.

Being so popular on campus, there was a hefty amount of people from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. gathered in Kochoff Hall C to celebrate with a birthday party and watch him eat his bone cake. Right before that, Moses waggled his tail around the whole of the University Center, meeting people and playing around.

CAPS Counselor Carmen Bell, who is Moses’ caregiver and handler, says he received specialized training designed to make him a valuable therapeutic partner for folks dealing with trauma, anxiety and stress. Students can also chill with Moses if they just want to hang out!

“Moses is super chill and soft and fluffy, and he loves cuddling,” Bell says. This is also one of the reasons why Moses fits right in with students on campus and is loved.

Photo// Vaishali Prayag

Moses deserved all the love and attention he got that day. A lot of people gave him treats and dog food as gifts, and based on the way he was hopping around, he loved it all. He may be only two, but he has changed more lives than he could even know. One can be pretty sure that Moses’ third birthday party will be an even bigger event.

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