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NYFW Sets Expectations for Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

By Lauren Sellman, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Sally Liang’s Spring 2024 collection. Photo // Filippo Fior,

New York Fashion Week is set to be held February 9th through 14th and will be hosted for the first time at RXR's Starrett-Lehigh Building in Chelsea, Manhattan featuring designers from around the world. Upcoming excitement surrounding the show poses questions about what fashion trends to expect in Spring 2024. 

Audiences can expect to see work from designers such as Christian Siriano, Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Brandon Maxwell, and more. 

According to Ralph Lauren, we can expect to see a shift to the warmer tones of golden jewelry and detailing, as opposed to the upsurge in popularity of silver in recent years. 

Sally Liang’s 2024 collection featured nostalgic elements of youthful feminism, adorning her collection with a soft color palette, bows, and rosettes. This hyper-feminine approach is perfect for upcoming spring weather and can definitely be expected to make appearances this season. 

NYFW demonstrates a continuance of minimalistic styles with asymmetrical and bold silhouettes, as well as the popularization of chrome gold being integrated into high fashion. 

Outside of the high-fashion realm, sharp angular cut-outs, tiered lace, statement pants, and materials like satin and crochet are taking center stage this season. These stylistic choices are moving in as trends such as mini purses, logomania, and wedge heels are on their way out. 

People are starting to personalize their styles more, prioritizing unique and long-lasting pieces rather than overdone fast fashion. 

Even trends that some might call, “cheugy”, or particularly millennial-inspired, are coming back, so dust off your old ballet flats, capris, and leopard print! 

Modern fashion is transforming. It is embracing a playful and ironic approach, and encouraging using an outfit to express yourself, convey a message, or give off a particular aesthetic. This idea pulls inspiration from the early 2000s, which creates a casual and unapologetic demeanor with something like an “I <3 me” graphic t-shirt.

This trend can serve as a way to poke fun at societal and political norms while also allowing individuals to display their stances on important issues as a form of self-expression. It’s a fashion landscape that thrives on a touch of humor and not being taken too seriously. 

As the fashion world embraces this wave of irony, there’s a simultaneous shift away from fast fashion. The pursuit of classic and timeless wardrobes is gaining traction, with individuals investing in higher quality clothing or opting for environmentally friendly choices such as thrifting and online resale shops like DePop, Poshmark, and ThredUp. 

Thrifting and buying vintage clothing not only offers a suitable alternative but also provides a unique avenue for creating your distinctive style. 

The best fashion advice remains constant: wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. However, it can also be exciting to also consider leaning into new trends to expand your fashion horizons. Fashion trends consistently prove to be a circular cycle where everything comes back into style eventually, this calls for a sustainable approach that encourages people to shop consciously.

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