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Register for “Dearborn’s Got Talent” Today!

Updated: Feb 21

Lauren Sellman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Dearborn’s Got Talent” promotional post on Instagram. Photo//@umd_sab

The Office of Student Life is hosting its annual “Dearborn’s Got Talent” show from 1-4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13 at Kochoff Hall in the University Center. The show is open to all UM-Dearborn students, and any safe and legal talent is welcome. 

Performances are judged based on four categories: creativity, presentation, audience impact, and skill. 

The winning performer will take home a $150 gift card. A $75 gift card is awarded for second place and a $50 gift card for 3rd place. Participants may also have the opportunity to win an “Audience Favorite” award, which can be won in addition to the judge's final decision. 

It is free to register an act. All that is needed is your email and a description of your performance on the Google Forms page, here.  Applications are due by March 1. 

If you are performing with other students, every member of a group act must fill out this form. 

Performances must not run longer than 5 minutes to remain on schedule. Going over time may result in a point deduction or disqualification. 

Participants must supply their own props and clean up after their performance, leaving the stage exactly as it was. 

This event is a great way to show off your music, dance, or comedy skills, or even just have fun putting a show together with friends.

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