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The Great Ball Game Debate: Football vs. Soccer

Shashank Nagaraju, Opinions Editor

Photo//REUTERS, Darren Staples & Charles Krupa

Ah, the delightful debate that splits nations and stirs up friendly banter—football versus soccer. On one side, we have football, the global phenomenon where feet work their magic on the pitch. Then there's soccer, as called in America, a game beloved across the Atlantic. Let the battle of the ball games unfold!

Football, with its graceful maneuvers and strategic plays, is a symphony of skill and finesse. But across the pond, soccer reigns supreme, maintaining its own unique charm and excitement.

In the United States, where football is synonymous with helmets and touchdowns, the term "soccer" was adopted to avoid confusion. However, it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole—no matter how you spin it, the mismatch is evident.

Imagine being invited to watch "football" only to find yourself amidst a sea of soccer enthusiasts, or vice versa. These situations could only lead to confusion about what people truly mean when they say the word “football”.

There's a simple solution to prevent this, let soccer be known as football in the USA. It would help bridge the gap for one of the many linguistic differences that America shares with the rest of the world.

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