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The IMAX Laser Extravaganza at MJR Southgate is Here!

Anika Chowdhury, Staff Writer

Inauguration of the IMAX at MJR. Photo//Audity Moumi

Hey Wolverines, strap on your capes! A jumbo-sized adventure awaits just 12 miles away as MJR Southgate opened the doors to MJR's first IMAX auditorium on Nov. 9, bringing a refreshingly new and larger-than-life movie-going experience to your own area! 

So, why should UM-Dearborn students make the trek to MJR Southgate? Well, picture this: a grand opening on Nov. 9 that kicked off with more flair than a superhero landing. VIPs and media mingled at a socializing shindig, and then came the ribbon-cutting ceremony – it was like the Oscars but with more popcorn. The real showstopper was a 15-minute video that spilled the cinematic tea on the differences between a regular cinema, IMAX, and the IMAX with laser. Spoiler alert: it's mind-blowing!

Mayor Casva of the City of Southgate, who loves the silver screen as much as you do, was at the event, and he is thrilled about the city's commitment to bringing you the ultimate entertainment experience.

Joel Kincade, MJR's VP and a 25-year movie maestro, spilled the beans on their quest to bring IMAX into the mix. MJR aims to make your entertainment experience as epic as an Avengers battle. And did we mention the VIP zero gravity seats? You will feel weightless, and that is before the movie even starts! During COVID, MJR revamped the joint to ensure social distancing – and get this – they have got the only recliner chairs in Metro Detroit. It is like they want you to be as comfortable as possible while watching explosions and superheroes on a massive screen.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the curtain? Well, every morning, MJR Southgate goes through a boot test that would make Tony Stark proud. Two microphones and one camera working in harmony – it is the pre-flight check for your cinematic adventure.

A glimpse into MJR at Southfield interior. Photo//Audity Moumi

The testing procedures for IMAX Laser systems are as meticulous as the technology itself. Rigorous color calibration ensures accurate and vibrant visuals, while checks on brightness, contrast, and optical alignment guarantee an immersive and precise projection. Audio calibration fine-tunes powerful sound systems, and comprehensive system integration testing ensures seamless performance. These quality assurance measures, both in hardware and software, underscore IMAX's commitment to providing unparalleled cinematic excellence, where each frame is a testament to the precision and brilliance of the IMAX Laser experience.

Watching a movie on IMAX Laser makes you feel like It's not just a movie; it is an adventure that engulfs you and transports you to the heart of the story. The experience of watching these movies is out of this world! Meticulous color calibration, checks on brightness, contrast, and optical alignment – they do not mess around. It is a cinematic journey so immersive; you might forget you are not actually in the movie. 

The opening event wrapped up with the premiere of "The Marvels." This is not just a movie night; it is an experience waiting for you. 

Whether you are with the squad, flying solo, celebrating post-exam triumphs, or just having a lazy afternoon – MJR Southgate's IMAX beckons you to say, “If you want to see it right, see it at MJR's IMAX!”

Wolverines, the cinematic adventure of a lifetime is calling! Time to soar into MJR Southgate's IMAX and witness movies like never before.

IMAX sign. Photo//Audity Moumi

All of the photos at the event and the ones included in the article were taken by a talented artist & photographer on campus, Audity Moumi. Do check out her works on Instagram at @umd.clicks and @artology_22 .

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Safwan Jamil
Safwan Jamil
Dec 20, 2023

Zero gravity seats? That seems an intriguing opportunity !

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