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The Perfect Fall Playlist

Lauren Sellman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Woman listening to music at a park in the fall. Photo//djile, Shutterstock

As the leaves change and the air grows crisp, it’s the perfect time to refresh your playlist with a new fall soundtrack. This season, we’ve got you covered with a varying mix of musical vibes to match your every mood and the autumn atmosphere.

“Fall vibes” mean something different to everyone, but there's no doubt that those tired, rainy mornings call for a slow and nostalgic mix of tunes. Whether you’re driving to campus, studying or relaxing with friends, there is something for all music lovers on this list.


For those craving the nostalgia of a small-town vibe, immerse yourself in the acoustic pop melodies of the past with these classic hits. This is the ultimate light-hearted soundtrack for walking to class through the autumn leaves.

Sad Girl Autumn

As the days grow shorter and the melancholic hues of fall emerge, it’s time to indulge in your introspective side with “Sad Girl Autumn.” Let these haunting melodies be your companions during the upcoming cold months.

Sweater Weather

For a more laid-back experience, consider the dreamy and hauntingly beautiful melodies of Bon Iver and Hozier (the kings of fall music). Perfect for early mornings and late-night study sessions, these mellow songs are sure to have you singing along.

Moody Rock

These angsty tracks provide a vintage classic feel that is ideal for the autumn season. There's something about the twang of an electric guitar and a perfectly raspy voice that creates the ultimate casual fall atmosphere.

Autumn Acoustics

This segment is the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures in the crisp autumn air. With upbeat drums to get you on your feet, these songs feel like going to the pumpkin patch with friends.

The two-hour-long playlist is available here, give it a listen and consider adding some new tracks to your own fall playlist!

This fall, let your music match the mood of the season. Whether you’re feeling a little somber or simply embracing the beauty of the changing leaves, these suggestions have something for everyone. So cozy up with a warm drink and let the music carry you away into the enchanting world of fall.

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