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The Return of WUMD

Lauren Sellman, Editor of Arts and Entertainment

WUMD Campus Radio Photo Gallery// WUMD VictorsLink

WUMD Campus Radio is making a comeback.

Founded in 1979, the student-run organization was forced to come to a close with the onset of Covid-19 in 2020. After a long-awaited return, Dominic Lomuscio is taking steps toward putting WUMD back on the air.

The show will continue to be broadcasted through the online platform, RadioJar, as well as in the Renick University Center on campus.

Featuring a variety of different styles of music and podcasts, even previously having a sports radio, there is something for everyone. Lomuscio intends to start featuring talk shows on the air to give the student body a platform to voice their opinions.

Lomuscio says he is “leading by example”, encouraging others to get involved by broadcasting his own podcast, The Rho Tau Tekes, where he interviews alumni from the fraternity.

WUMD’s DJ services also plan to be up and running this fall. This group of professional student DJs are up for hire for events on and off campus, with competitive pricing, and good music guaranteed.

Lomuscio is excited about the upcoming year for WUMD and looks forward to being able to provide music for more campus events now that there are more members.

UM-Dearborn students interested in broadcast media can apply for a paid position as a student DJ. Applications are currently available on the UM-Dearborn Careers page. Working with WUMD can also serve as an internship credit toward graduation.

According to their website, WUMD is partnered with, “ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to provide music from both Nationally Recognized and Independent Artists” (WMN). Student musicians and artists can send their music in to be potentially featured on the show.

Lomuscio also intends to start a yearly tradition of creating and selling a vinyl album of the music made by student body members that year.

“If there are any artists on campus that want their music on vinyl, I would encourage them to talk to the DJs when they see us working events,” said Lomuscio.

The WUMD office is open in room 2123 of the Renick University Center Monday through Thursday from 12- 4 p.m.

If you are interested in reaching out, visit the WUMD Campus Radio VictorsLink for more information.

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