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The Zodiac Signs as Harry Styles’ Fine Line Songs

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Zodiac Signs as Harry Styles’ Fine Line Songs

Alex Schrauben, Staff Writer

Aries – “Canyon Moon”

Known for their love for adventure and their unstoppable confidence, “Canyon Moon” couldn’t describe an Aries more. For Aries, home is more of a feeling rather than a physical place. In this song, Harry talks about returning home soon. However, he isn’t talking about his hometown of Redditch, England. Instead, Harry is referring to a person he is ready to go home to.

Taurus – “Watermelon Sugar”

In this song, you can see Harry wanting something and not stopping until he gets it. Tauruses are known for being headstrong and very down-to-earth people. In this song, Harry is saying that nothing is better than the “Watermelon Sugar” high, as he will stop at nothing to get this. This desire that Harry is referring to within his song relates to the want for more than Tauruses have within their life.

Gemini – “Lights Up”

Geminis are known for being two-faced, adventurous, and curious characters. In the song “Lights Up”, you see Harry talking about not knowing who they are. Geminis are known for being unpredictable, with their switch in personalities coming along with that trait. Harry’s “Lights Up” relates to this as Geminis are constantly seeking their true selves.

Cancer – “Fine Line”

No surprise here. I wish I could be more original, but if you know anything about the zodiac signs or Harry Styles, “Fine Line” is the definition of Cancer. As one of the most in tune with their inner selves, Cancers get crowned with the “emotional” title. This, coincidentally, is exactly what this song embodies: their overwhelming sensibility.

Leo – “Golden”

In the song “Golden”, you hear Harry sing about how amazing and in control his person is, as he directs this song toward them. In one line, Harry refers to the fact, “loving you’s the antidote,” suggesting that with their love, Harry’s problems are essentially solved. That is exactly why Leos is this song! Leos tend to be very confident and true leaders, as they usually are the ones to take control. A relationship with a Leo is one of a kind and Harry describes this bond perfectly!

Virgo – “Cherry”

“Cherry” is an extremely unique song on the tracklist. Here, Harry talks about loving someone so much that the thought of letting them go simply results in pain. Virgos are known to be perfectionists and tend to be very faithful. Having this type of faith is what Harry displays in this song. Harry puts immense passion into this song to emphasize the immense amount of faith he has in his relationship with his partner.

Libra – “She”

Libras tend to be charming, flirtatious, and naturally indecisive characters. In the song “She”, Harry Styles sings about a woman that he can not get out of his mind. It also alludes to some

confusion within his head about why he is thinking about this girl constantly. This song perfectly describes a Libra as it highlights the mysterious, alluring nature that they embody.

Scorpio – “Adore You”

In the song “Adore You”, Harry sings, “walk through fire for you, just let me adore you”. Harry is showing determination and drive, two of Scorpio's main traits. Scorpios, though often looked down upon, are one of the most interesting signs. They tend to be honest, loyal, and brave. These traits of a Scorpio are exactly highlighted in this hit song.

Sagittarius – “To Be So Lonely”

Honest and straightforward: if these words aren’t what come to mind when you think of this song and this sign I don’t know what does. In this ballad, Harry states that he can’t admit when he’s sorry. If you have ever been friends with a Sagittarius, you know that you might never be right when it comes to them. They will tell you how it is with little to no filter. Sagittariuses are the perfect fit for this song.

Capricorn – “Sunflower Vol. 6”

In this song, Harry goes over the good times in his relationship. While he is coming to terms with their journey ending, he still reminisces on the positives. Though the deeper meaning is quite upsetting, it tends to be a more upbeat and happy-go-lucky song. Capricorns are known to be practical human beings and, in this song, Harry does not show his irrational side. He isn’t pining after some girl or being super sentimental. He has accepted that the relationship has come to an end and he is okay with that. Harry is truly embodying the traits of a Capricorn.

Aquarius – “Treat People With Kindness”

“Treat People With Kindness” is one of Harry’s iconic mottos. So, who better than this song to go to the Aquariuses! As an Aquarius, Harry is known for being unique, independent, and idealistic. In this song, you can feel the true intentions behind this ballad. With a very authentic feel and Aquariuses' love for being themselves is why this song couldn’t go to any other sign.

Pisces – “Falling”

Pisces are known for being emotional and compassionate. This song is one of the “tear-jerkers” of the album. In this song Harry is reveling in a relationship, wishing and wanting her to come back to him. Pisces are exceptionally known for getting far too attached and can be quite emotional. With this, “Falling” is a perfect song for this sign!


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