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Unlocking Opportunities: WiCyS Cybersecurity Conference 2024

Vaishali Prayag, Staff Writer

The first big event of the WiCyS is set to start. Photo//Rawa Albarkat

The Women in Cybersecurity chapter at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a sub-club stemming from the Google Developer Student Club on campus, established in late 2023. Despite this, the club hosted its biggest event at the Engineering Lab Building on March 22, 2024.

The WiCyS Cybersecurity Conference left attendees buzzing with inspiration, knowledge, and new connections. Let’s take a look back at the highlights of this unforgettable event.

From the moment attendees arrived, they were greeted with excitement and anticipation for what would happen later in the conference. The day kicked off with a series of inspiring keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders, including Tamara Shoemaker from CyberPatriot, Brittany Healy and Pooja Patil from ETAS, Stephanie Scheuermann representing Ford, and Di Ma from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. These esteemed panelists shared their insights and expertise, offering valuable perspectives on the latest trends and challenges in cybersecurity.

Banner showing event panelists. Photo//Women in Cybersecurity Club-UM-Dearborn

One of the most anticipated parts of the conference was the Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, where participants put their skills to the test in a series of thrilling cybersecurity challenges. With prizes and raffles up for grabs, the competition was fierce, and attendees showcased their talents while having a blast.

Capture the Flag in action. Photo//Meher Jabber

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including escape room challenges designed to test their problem-solving skills and foster teamwork. These interactive experiences provided a fun and immersive way to learn and connect with industry experts.

Networking was a key focus of the conference, with attendees having the chance to mingle with peers, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections. From seasoned professionals to students just starting their cybersecurity journey, the event brought together individuals from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

The dress code, set at business casual, created a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, allowing attendees to feel comfortable and confident as they navigated the conference.

Research Work Presentation. Photo//Meher Jabber

Overall, the WiCyS Cybersecurity Conference was a resounding success, providing attendees with a day filled with learning, networking, and excitement. As participants departed, they left with new insights, valuable connections, and a renewed enthusiasm for cybersecurity. Until next time, WiCyS!

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