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What Do Pets Think About?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Kathy Bibang, Opinions Editor

Pets, those sweet animals which we take care of, treat as best friends, family members, and/or one of our own. Many households have one or more pets, depending on the owners and their love for animals. It is proven that pets make people happier and decrease their stress levels to a certain degree.

We tend to personify animals in order to understand them, even though they do not function in the same way humans do. Still, because most people want to love them, they need to convince themselves that animals act certain ways because that is the “human translation” of affection or happiness. Of course, no animal would approach anyone in a friendly manner if they were angry, but the animal brain does not work like the human brain. Nonetheless, it would be interesting and very fascinating to know exactly what animals think and feel whenever they interact with other animals.

Have you ever thought about what your pet is thinking? We love them, we allow them to live with us, we feed them, etc. Despite that, we never ask what exactly they really want.

In my opinion, some animals have a certain “vibe” that allows me to imagine what they would say if they could communicate with us. For example, goldfish do not do much, but whenever someone approaches their aquarium, they swim away. So, in my head, they are swimming away screaming “giant approaching.” I too would scream if a gigantic, unknown animal comes near me when I am just chilling. It does not seem fun at all.

Anyway, since we cannot know what animals think, I decided to share with you what I think about the two of the most beloved animal pets: dogs and cats. Although my perceptions may not be accurate, I still believe it is fun. Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking while you are putting food on their plate? Have you ever wanted to know what your cat is thinking when they are just staring at you?

From my perspective, most dogs are happy whenever they see their owner or someone playing with them. That is why I believe that if they could talk, most dogs would tell their owners to never leave and make dad jokes. I know it sounds cliché, but dogs look too happy to me. On the other hand, they look very sad when they do not see their owners for a long time. I feel like most dogs would be asking themselves if they did something disappointing or if they have been abandoned. Puppies are so cute that it would be hard for me to leave them alone even if it is for a few hours.

We cannot forget about our frenemies: cats. Despite being a dog-person, cats are my favorite pet animal. They are a living contradiction, and we love them no matter what. Kitties are so tiny (depending on age and breed), and they are majestic creatures. Unlike dogs, cats are the ones that choose when they want you. You cannot pet them if they do not want you to. You have to wait for them to be ready to be petted. That is another level. They hold so much power over us, and we accept them like that. I am well aware that they are irresistibly cute, but because of their sassiness, I love them even more.

Another major characteristic of cats is the fact that they groom themselves. Unlike dogs, cats do not need to be washed constantly. However, cat owners should wash their cats from time to time. Lastly, cats are not tattletales. They can witness something and make no noise. For that, they have my respect.

No matter how messy or playful our pets are, we will always love them.

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