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What's the Craze Behind 0.5 Photos?

Kalaia Jackson, Opinions Editor

Kalaia in CASL. Photo//Kalaia Jackson

Fellow iPhone users, I am sure you know what a 0.5 photo is, and if not, then the picture above is only one of the many examples I have on my phone.

They can range from being normal looking like the photo above, to borderline jump scare like this one:

Dave (my brother). Photo//Kalaia Jackson

These photos are one of my favorites to take because of how silly they can come out. I take great joy in seeing the end result, but I know that some people are not fans of this kind of photo because of the crazy distortion that occurs.

However, I think that adds to the playfulness of it. 0.5 photos can be used to take fun photos like this one I took with my friends:

Me and my bookies <3. Photo//Kalaia Jackson

Not to exclude Android users, but check to see if there is a zoom out feature on your camera. I recently found out on my friend’s Android that her camera zoomed out to 0.6 and I was still able to get the same result!

Despite others' differing opinions, 0.5 photos are so amusing to take, and the results always put a smile on my face. I highly recommend you take some in the future and see how goofy you can get!

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