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What's Up with those Royal Match Ads?

Noora Ahmad, Staff Writer

Cover image of Royal Match. Photo//Ensemble Contre La SEP

Have you been repeatedly receiving these Royal Match ads while you’re scrolling through your phone? Well, unlike a lot of strong people around me, I gave in and downloaded the app.

Not even 10 minutes into the game, I was already on level 15 and moved up two stages. You’re probably wondering, is the game worth the attention the ads gave out? I’d say yes; not only is the quality of the graphics in this game excellent, but there’s a lot more than just matching three alike-colored icons to score points.

It’s pretty addicting to say the least. It’s been a month since I’ve given into the app and I’m already on level 229 as we speak. It’s funny when I share this app to someone and they’d reply with no other than, “You’ve downloaded it?”

Royal Match now has a reputation of being an ‘ads game,’ because no matter what app you’re using on your phone, an ad of Royal Match will pop up. I will say, these repetitive ads bothered and annoyed me for a while, but they were not the reason I downloaded the mobile game.

I’m sure that growing up, we’d all go on our parents’ phones and play whatever games we could find. This was the case for me. I just happened to see Royal Match on my mom’s phone and played a level. I was immediately hooked, and eventually I took it upon myself to download the game on my phone as well. That’s how we got here.

There shouldn’t be any shame in downloading an app you’ve seen in ads millions of times – that’s the point of these advertisements. While it did work for me, plenty of others refuse to get the mobile app, simply because they would seem ‘weak,' but that’s not true at all.

Think of it like this: ads are created to give you opportunities to enter a world of entertainment, and Royal Match certainly provides a big world for us all.

Desperate for an escape from your world? I hereby welcome you to the exhilarating portal of Royal Match!

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