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What To Add to Your Wardrobe After This Fall

Emma Sulaiman, Guest Writer

Runway outfits. Photo//Vogue

This fall season brought back timeless classics and retro-inspired trends with a fresh take — each of which can be a simple addition to your closet.

Here’s what you need to know about this season’s must-haves.

Red Accents and Accessories

Firstly, the color red. It’s colorful enough, yet still classy. From knit-wear tops to pointy cherry boots, red has become a standard color this season. Incorporating the slightest amount of red into an outfit can elevate it and add a pop of fun, just like these simple accessories.

Red accessories. Photo/Shutterstock

Elevated Basics

Blacks, whites and grays are everyday colors that no one can go wrong with, but these seemingly “boring” colors have come back in an elevated fashion.

Something we haven’t seen in a while is luxe capes, combining elegance and warmth. These pieces come in many forms, such as the viral TikTok jacket with an attached scarf, or simply wide-armed jackets and ponchos.

Lady posing in a burgundy poncho. Photo//Shutterstock


As for footwear, thankfully kitten heels are back! Short, small heels on slingbacks and even boots are trendy. Other than these heels being easier to walk in, they elevate any outfit.

Kitten heel boots. Photo//Shutterstock

Then again, knee-high boots come back almost every season – and for good reason. They are a statement piece every girl should own; they go well with jeans, skirts, dresses… and they keep us warm.

Knee-high boots paired with a knit dress. Photo//Shutterstock

Overall, statement pieces that scream elegance are back. Usually, trendy items last a couple of months until the hype dies down, but the bonus to this year’s trends is that all the trendiest pieces are timeless, and will continue to be worn every cold season. Basic colors, knee-high boots, small and elegant slingback heels, and small pops of colors will always be accepted no matter what the new trend is.

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