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What Type of Lighting Should You NOT Have In Your Room?

Noora Ahmad, Staff Writer

A dimmed light fixture. Photo//CC0 Public Domain

When choosing the lights for your room, it is important to note what lighting is suitable for the most homey feel.

One may pick a shade of light that imitates a sweltering sun, while others may make the room feel like an asylum. Reading this may prevent you from making such a decision.

Shades of light fall into three main categories: warm white, natural white, and cool white.

Often no matter what light you choose, your lighting will still be very warm — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just know that your skin tone in your room will not be the same skin tone when you walk outside, so be sure not to pick your foundation match in your room, or reality will set in as soon as you step outside.

Or if you decided to be different and go with the tungsten lights, then I applaud you. For some reason, the intensity of those lights can’t go past dim, so you’d need to squint in that lighting to even see the clock, and that’s too much work honestly. Leave the tungsten lights for your porch instead, it’s more aesthetically pleasing and suitable for outdoors.

On the flip side, if you somehow decided to invest in cool white lights, then you may be left feeling trapped in your room like a patient in a hospital.

Personally, to sleep soundly in my room, I would avoid the cool white lights with all my might.

Natural white lighting should be the default in all homes, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Many make the mistake of choosing light that is too warm, or too cool for their room, but trust me, natural white light is the perfect choice.

Additionally, natural white light can bring out your eyeshadow, especially if you apply glitter.

With all that being said, it is completely up to your taste to choose which shade of light you would want to experience for what could potentially be a long time.

Different types of light are suited for different types of people, but in my opinion, natural white light is the key to success.

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