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"You" Season 4 Finale Review

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Zeina Hachem, Staff Writer

Photo// Netflix

You. Yes, you! Are you ready for the season four finale of Netflix’s hit show You starring Penn Badgley?

If you’ve never watched You, here’s a quick summary: Joe Goldberg follows his love interests until they become an obsession to him and is willing to do anything for love…even murder.

So far, his obsessions included Guinevere Beck from season one, Love Quinn from seasons two and three, Marienne Bellamy from seasons three and four, and lastly, Kate Galvin in season four.

Each season follows a similar theme, yet each dilemma differs, and the way Joe tackles each obstacle keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Netflix released a teaser trailer for part two of season four which shows just enough information to bring viewers back to the story, but not enough to predict what the ending has in store for Joe.

They even showed a character who was previously killed by Joe returning, making us all wonder in amazement if they’ve been brought back to life. You’ll have to watch for yourself to know who it is, though.

For the first time, everything happening around Joe is out of his control, making him spiral into insanity with his past beginning to haunt him. However, he still thinks that he is “the good guy.”

His delusional state makes him think all his actions are justified and done for the greater good. “I’m not some cold-blooded psycho,” says Joe.

But what do you think? After following Joe for so long, what kind of judgment will you pass on him?

Tune in to part two of the season four finale, now released on Netflix!

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