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Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Roman Bruno, Editor-in-Chief

Men's hockey team celebrates after a goal. Photo//Alana Dackiw

Are you a highly-motivated, detail-oriented, and passionate worker? If so, being an Equipment Manager for UM-D's men's ice hockey team is the opportunity for you!

I have been an Equipment Manager for the team for over a year now. Speaking from personal experience, I have certainly had a lot of fun in addition to making some long-lasting connections. The players and coaching staff have welcomed me with open arms from Day 1, and they truly make you feel like one of their own.

This position is unpaid. HOWEVER, there are plenty of other benefits. Free travel, free snacks and meals, free team apparel, and being on the bench during every game (to name a few). You can even get academic internship credits. Some majors require an internship of some kind. If an internship is not required, you could still sign up to get credits in each semester you are in this role.

Now, I am sure you are asking yourself... what are the responsibilities of this role? As an EQ Manager, we are responsible for maintaining daily upkeep of all the players’ equipment and overall locker room cleanliness and organization. This includes hanging up jerseys/socks, sharpening skates, and loading the washer and dryer.

Additionally, we contribute to operational success for home and away games, ensuring everything runs smoothly. The team takes a bus to and from each away game, so travel will be covered. The players are also good about loading and unloading the bus, so you will have a whole team of "equipment managers" at your disposal.

This season, I have also been assisting coaches in compiling player equipment information, organizing food orders, and maintaining locker room/equipment inventory. This role is a time commitment, but you get out of it what you put in. You will not regret it.

Being an Equipment Manager has led me to have many great experiences. For instance, we went to the ACHA National Tournament last season in St. Louis, Missouri. Outside of the games, we had a great time touring the city and visiting the Gateway Arch.

UM-Dearborn men's hockey team at the Gateway Arch. Photo//Karen Weaver/Instagram

I truly encourage those who love sports, hockey, or being on a team to learn more about being an Equipment Manager. Whether you are a freshman or an upperclassman, this role is open to all. It has changed my life for the better.

If are are interested or have any questions, you can email me at

You can follow the team on Instagram (@UMDearbornMHky) or on Twitter (@UMDearbornHky).

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