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Empowering Futures: Women in Cybersecurity's Speed Resume Workshop Success

Pooja Prasanna, Staff Writer

Participants revved up and resume ready after the session! Photo//WiCys

The Speed Resume Workshop, hosted by Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys), was a standout event that occurred on January 30th. The organization of the workshop, orchestrated by the department, was nothing short of exceptional.

Centered around the art of crafting resumes, the workshop provided invaluable insights on where to begin, what to include, and how to maintain precision throughout. The engaging event kicked off with delightful snacks, including a cheese and fruit plate, complemented by goodies from the enthusiastic volunteers and the dedicated team.

Volunteers from SACA Detroit, Cloud Security Alliance Detroit, and Dean Kridli shared their inspiring career journeys, many of which began at UMICH Dearborn. The event provided a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals and gain insight into what their expectations are when hiring candidates.

Recognizing that resumes serve as a first introduction, the workshop shed light on the industry's perspective, creating awareness among participants about what recruiters look for in potential hires.

The highlight of the workshop was the personalized resume reviews conducted by volunteers, offering feedback and guidance. The diverse group of attendees eagerly awaited feedback, with participants actively engaging in discussions about their backgrounds and career aspirations.

One participant, hailing from a non-IT background, found the experience particularly enlightening, receiving guidance on how to tailor her resume for success. 

Women in Cybersecurity, the pioneering cybersecurity organization at the University of Michigan Dearborn, was founded with the mission of raising awareness and nurturing the next generation of female cybersecurity professionals.

The Speed Resume Workshop marked the organization's first event, drawing a crowd of over 40 students. With the dedicated efforts of the WICyS e-board and advisor Dr. Ma, the organization looks forward to hosting more impactful events in the future, providing valuable opportunities for students as they transition from academia to the workforce.

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