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Navigating Opportunities & Networking: Career Fair Fall 2023

Anika Raisa Chowdhury, Staff Writer

Photo//UM-Dearborn Office of Career Service

UM-Dearborn’s Fall 2023 Career Fair brought together a diverse assembly of students and prospective employers. Held on Oct. 5 at the Fairlane Centre South, this annual event was highly anticipated, drawing a substantial crowd of eager students.

The Office of Career Services, committed to assisting students and alumni in their career journeys, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this gathering. The fair served as a nexus for students, employers and the local community.

The day commenced with palpable anticipation as students, impeccably dressed for the occasion, arrived at the fair. The event was hosted across two rooms, Quad E and Quad F at the Fairlane Center, accommodating about 60 companies looking for potential CASL and CEHHS students to hire. Companies were conveniently organized according to their names, with Quad E featuring businesses starting from A to H, and Quad F housing those from I to Z.

The selection of companies was thoughtfully curated to welcome students from all four colleges at the university. Job seekers, encompassing college students, graduate students and alumni, checked in at the registration booth. Here, they received name tags distinguished by colored circles, each denoting the major they were seeking opportunities in. Additionally, students were equipped with an Excel worksheet listing participating companies, both in advance and on-site.

This detailed list categorized companies based on the majors they catered to, their hiring status, sponsorship for international students, types of jobs offered, and the required education level.

The week leading up to the career fair was filled with complimentary events designed to empower students for success. A resume workshop provided guidance on crafting effective resumes. Students also had the option to have their resumes reviewed by career staff. This workshop catered to both in-person and online attendees.

Employer spotlights illuminated the prospects within various organizations, allowing students to interact and ask questions. The virtual Job Search Strategies & Career Fair Prep Workshop, facilitated by the Mardigian Library, educated students on effective job research and application strategies.

When inquired about their experiences at the career fair, students shared a spectrum of opinions. Some international students expressed disappointment in the limited companies tailored to their needs, instead, arguing for a dedicated international student career fair. Conversely, juniors and seniors and graduate freshers found immense value in engaging with companies to chart their academic and career paths.

Some students felt that certain companies approached them lackadaisical and in haste. In contrast, others had positive encounters, relishing the opportunities for networking, sharing expertise and gaining invaluable insights on the spot.

The Fall 2023 Career Fair underscored its significance as more than just a job-hunting event. It provided students with a platform to connect with their future, learn from industry experts and cultivate connections that could last a lifetime. As students left the fair, they carried with them not only brochures but also a profound sense of being one step closer to unlocking the doors to their dream careers.

For students contemplating future career fairs, here’s some advice from this year's attendees:

- Dress for Success: Attire should reflect professionalism, and comfortable shoes are a must.

- Do Your Homework: Research companies beforehand to pose informed questions.

- Bring Updated Resumes: Multiple copies are essential for diverse interactions.

- Network Actively: Overcome shyness and engage in meaningful conversations.

- Follow Up: Express appreciation by sending post-event thank-you emails to company representatives.

For information about upcoming events and career services, visit the website or keep eye on career service socials and VictorsLink!

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