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Student Government Elections: Independent Party

April Marvin, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of The Independent Party via Instagram.

Student Government elections are this week. Students can cast their votes beginning Wednesday, March 29 at 9 a.m. until Thursday, March 30 at 9 p.m. On Wednesday morning, students will receive an email that includes the link to vote for Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Senator candidates.

The Independent Party, with Presidential candidate Maria Tarakhovsky and Vice Presidential candidate Hadi Bazzi, focuses on goals of campus safety, cultural engagement, and expanding student government.

Tarakhovsky and Bazzi have outlined their plans through three points: Empower, Innovate, and Lead. Their campaign centers around partnerships with students, student organizations, and resources toward a supportive campus community.

Tarakhovsky has been in Student Government since her freshman year at UM-Dearborn. With a passion and drive for campus safety, Tarakhovsky plans to expand the safety events on campus to include expert presenters, hands-on training, and techniques to help with safety protocols like self-defense.

Bazzi is focused on community service and volunteerism. As the president of a non-profit off campus, he is the youngest to serve in that position and looks forward to making a difference at UM-Dearborn.

The Independent Party has a mission to get students more involved in volunteer work and service projects to give back to the community. They plan for a future of partnership with food drives and surrounding communities, as well as involving students in other community service initiatives.

Additionally, Tarakhovsky and Bazzi are focusing on mental health within our student population.

“[Creating] a more supportive and caring community is a top priority,” says Bazzi.

Tarakhovsky confirms that safety also includes mental health. Resources and education toward healthy interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, and neurodivergence awareness is significantly important for the Independent Party going forward.

The Independent Party are active on social media and have shared the goals of their campaign which include:

  • A safe, inclusive, and productive environment for students.

  • Implementing a resource fair program on campus.

  • Expanding safety protocols and programs on campus to ensure physical and emotional safety of students.

  • Increasing cultural engagement and appreciation on campus.

  • Expanding student government accessibility.

To read more about Tarakhovsky and Bazzi, visit the election website or check out their Instagram.

You can talk to Tarakhovsky and Bazzi in-person, Tuesday, March 28, from 4-6 p.m. in Room 2074 ELB.

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