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The Organization of Bangladeshi Students Presents Pitha Uthsob

Holly Lalicata, Student Life Editor

Photo// Holly Lalicata

The Organization of Bangladeshi Students celebrated their Pitha Uthsob event on Wednesday, November 15, welcoming each other with amazing cultural food, great company and a fun time.

President of the Organization of Bangladeshi Students, Rittika Somadder, says that this event is important to their organization because it serves to celebrate Bangladeshi students’ cultures, even when away from home.

This event showcases the cultural ideas of Bangladeshi students on campus with a variety of foods, games and music from many different Bangladeshi communities. Because many of their cultural foods are not widely available in the U.S., this event is important to the student organization so that they can embrace their cultural backgrounds.

Going forward, Sommadder says that she wants other students at UM-Dearborn to “mix with [Bangladeshi students] more.” She says that many students do not know about their country, and being able to “share [their] differences” with other students would be the goal going forward. She wants to show people what the Bangladesh culture is all about!

Photo// Organization of Bangladeshi Students’ Instagram, The Organization of Bangladeshi Students standing for the Bangladesh National Anthem

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