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Winter Wonderland Ball: A Fun-Filled and Festive Night

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Anika Chowdhury, Staff Writer

Photo//Kanika Mohan

On Thursday evening, one of the biggest events of the semester, the Winter Wonderland Ball, saw the congregation of undergraduate, graduate, and even Ph.D. students to enjoy a night filled with fun activities, scrumptious food, and a lot of dancing.

The dance was hosted by the Student Activities Board, otherwise known as SAB. SAB aims to provide opportunities for students at University of Michigan-Dearborn to get involved with campus by attending interesting events, like the Winter Wonderland Ball, to enhance their social lives. It is also great for international students to indulge in activities which may not be common in their homelands. The ball was both a night of nostalgia to reminisce about prom experiences, and a first-time experience for many international graduate students.

Kochoff Hall at the James C. Renick University Center was adorned with fairy lights, blue tinsel curtains, big cotton snowballs, paper snowflakes, and glow-in-the-dark stars to synchronize with the theme of the winter season and a back-to-school vibe.

While most students busted their moves on the dance floor in groove to the mixes by a talented DJ, some simply enjoyed watching or applauding from afar at tables decorated with blue and white covers, glass centerpieces, and complementary SAB batches.

On the other hand, some students chose to get creative by building mason jar snow globes with penguins, snowmen, and Christmas tree pieces at the DIY activities station. Others replenished their appetites at the buffet, complete with halal and vegan options, dishes of pastas, sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, soups, stir-fries, and beverages.

The photobooth was the busiest spot and highlight of the whole event. Students either showed off their style or simply posed in goofy manners with their friends in front of a golden backdrop, wearing various props.

While waiting in line for the second time, one international student said, “I always wanted the experience of a photobooth with friends but never had the chance before today. I love it. I will be keeping all the printed photos of today on my wall in my room to commemorate the night”.

Ph.D. students are usually not seen at campus events, but the Winter Wonderland Ball saw the presence of few Ph.D. students.

When asked why he chose to attend the event, a Bangladeshi Ph.D. student responded, “We came up to the cafeteria here to grab some snacks when we heard music from the halls which piqued our curiosity. I have pursued my previous studies in my country only, and events like this are not common there, so I chose to stay back for a while before I head back home”.

Overall, the snowy winter night allowed students to socialize and have fun amidst their hectic academic schedules and enjoy a typical U.S. tradition.

The next upcoming event to be hosted by SAB will be “Dearborn’s Got Talent” on February 8, which students are looking forward to either auditioning or spectating at.

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